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Since 1987

Sfinx Film/TV is an independent film production company. The creative forces are film directors

Annette Mari Olsen and Katia Forbert Petersen. Our productions are based on an interest in people

and the way in which we treat and handle each other. Through a personal approach, we aim to

reach the core of the subject or event that we depict. Sfinx Film's productions are broadcasted on

nationwide Danish TV as well as internationally. Several of our productions have also been used

as informative lead-in material e.g. in NATO and the UN.

A selection of documentaries  |   Visit our catalogue

Sfinx Film / TV collaborates with DR, TV2, the Danish Film Institute and internationally. In addition to documentaries, we produce a number of information films. All productions are suitable for teaching and can be used as debate and discussion papers.

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