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5 Heartbeats - 5 documentaries

Directors: May el-Toukhy, Manyar Parwani & Faisel Butt, Paula Oropeza, Arun Sharma

Produced by Sfinx Film/TV in cooperation with DR2 and The Danish Film institute


These films are currently not in distribution


For the project initiators Annette Mari Olsen and Katia Forbert Petersen of SFINX Film/TV the

aim of the documentary series 5 Heartbeats has been to generate space for cultural diversity

through the medium of film. They invited the director Reza Parsa and the manuscript author Johan

Bergman Lindfors to write a manifesto forming the inspirational framework for the content of the

5 Heartbeats. The result is five films written and directed by people from different ethnic and

cultural backgrounds. What the five young directors have in common is that 5 Heartbeats

represents their professional debut, with Sami Saif as the project’s dramaturgic consultant and Ulla

Hjort Nielsen as the production manager. In compliance with the manifesto all the films in 5

Heartbeats are artistic portrayals of life, portrayals in which cultural background and values are

secondary to what we all share - our feelings.

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