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Free as a Bird

Written and directed by: Lizzi Weischenfeldt

Director of Photography: Katia Forbert Petersen

Producer: Annette Mari Olsen


Duration: 50 minutes

Produced by: Sfinx Film/TV in co-production with TV2 and The Danish Film Institute


This film is currently not in distribution

en fremmed fugl1x1.jpg

The documentary Free as a Bird continues the story of Like Birds in a Cage and War is not for Children.

The orphaned girl Ivana, who lost almost her entire family during the war in Bosnia, except for her brother, is now fifteen-year-old. She has been granted asylum in the United Kingdom with her brother and the family they met at a refugee camp in Croatia. The film reveals the difficulties Ivana meets as a foreign girl in a foreign country, and her irrepressible determination to concentrate on the future, to make up for the childhood she lost. Free as a Bird

concludes the trilogy on Children of War that portrays the fates of children of war in an important period of modern history.

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