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When Mum and Dad are Clowns

Written and directed by: Annette Mari Olsen

Photographer: Katia Forbert Petersen

Producers: Katia Forbert Petersen & Annette Mari Olsen

Duration: 42 minutes

Produced by: Sfinx Film/TV in co-production with DRTV and The Danish Film Institute

Når far og mor er klovne - dk_trailer
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A clown is the most important figure in a circus. In the ring clowns are always cheerful and make the rest of us laugh. But it requires hard and intense work, if you want to achieve a big laugh. In this documentary we follow the eleven-year-old boy Victor. Victor is Russian and has spent his whole life in and with the circus, where he performs as a clown with his mum and dad. For three months of the year he goes to school in Moscow. For the remaining nine months he is a circus clown, travelling all over Europe. We accompany him and his family on tour in Germany as he tells us about his life and thoughts.

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