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The Art of Survival

Written and directed by: Annette Mari Olsen & Katia Forbert Petersen

Director of Photography: Katia Forbert Petersen

Producers: Annette Mari Olsen & Katia Forbert Petersen


Duration: 34 minutes

Produced by: Sfinx Film/TV in co-production with DRTV and The Danish Film Institute


Awarded Prix Europa

Kunsten at overleve_trailer
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The documentary The Art of Survival is the story about the Iranian boy, Hamid. Hamid is one of the 200 children who arrive in Denmark each year as unaccompanied refugees. Hamid was 11 years old when he fled alone from the Iran/Iraq war. To be a refugee, he had to learn the art of survival. We follow his everyday life with a Danish foster family. He is angry with the country that had nothing to offer him, but war. His highest wish is to be called Andersen like his foster parents and become Danish through and through. But his foster mother struggles to make him hold

on to his Iranian identity. You can’t become someone different from the person you originally were, she says. The Art of Survival is part of You Have to be Round to Live in a Globe, a documentary series about identity. Not all of the films in the series are made for children.

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