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Man with Camera

Written, directed and photography by: Katia Forbert Petersen

Editor: Annette Mari Olsen

Producers: Annette Mari Olsen & Katia Forbert Petersen

Duration: 57 minutes

Produced by Sfinx Film/TV in co-production with TV2 and Statens Film Central

Mand med kamera - DK_trailer_Vimeo
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A deeply personal documentary by Katia Forbert Petersen about her father, the Polish Jewish war photographer and producer Wladyslaw Forbert. It reveals how the language of the cinema has matured and developed through several generations in the same family as Wladyslaw's footage carries us back to momentous events in European history. He has experienced the persecution of the Jews during the Inter-war period, lived through the horror of the Second World War and was in Berlin and the Nuremberg Process at the Liberation. Later he was in Vietnam, where he filmed Joris Ivens. Also he filmed Eisenhower, Edward Kennedy, Jens Otto Krag and Ho Chi Minh. In 1969 new persecutions of the Jews began and Wladyslaw and his family were forced to leave Poland. Wladyslaw is now 85 years old and lives in Denmark; his footage is still being broadcasted by TV stations all over the world.


Part of the series “You Have to be Round to Live in a Globe”.

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