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Kids in Action

Manuscript and directors: Katia Forbert Petersen & Iben Haahr Andersen

Director of Photography: Katia Forbert Petersen

Producers: Katia Forbert Petersen & Iben Haahr Andersen


Duration: 42 minutes

Produced by: Sfinx Film/TV in co-production with DRTV and The Danish Film Institute

Min egen motorhest_trailer
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Kids in Action is about speedy kids in the age of 3 to 9 years who drive micro speedway. The movie paints a picture of the world of micro speedway by focusing on the children and their hobby. But the exceptional thing about micro speedway is in fact, that it is a family sport, where children and grown-ups spend time together and share an experience. The children’s hobby is important for the whole family, as mum and dad also get to play on the children’s conditions.

When we see little girls with long plaited hair racing down the track chased by a cloud of dust, it reverses our usual stereotype view about motor bike racing, for we realise that motor sports is not only for men and boys. The movie is about the children’s experiences with micro speedway, their disappointment when they loose a race, their happiness and proud feelings when they are the first to cross the finish line, and about their courage to step on the gas.

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